New York Record Retrieval, Inc.


New York Record Retrieval, Inc. offers a service that provides homeowners with a certified copy of their deed.  A deed is a document that provides evidence that your property was transferred to you.  The U.S. Government website (  recommends that property owners should have an official or certified copy of their deed.  Other authorities on personal record retention also make the same recommendation.

New York Record Retrieval, Inc. offers its services by sending property owners a letter offering to obtain a certified copy of their deed for a fee. New York Record Retrieval, Inc. is not affiliated with any governmental agency.  Many government records are available free or at a nominal cost from government agencies.  Many of New York Record Retrieval, Inc.’s clients prefer to use New York Record Retrieval, Inc. to obtain their records as it saves them the time and administrative effort that would be required to directly obtain these documents.

It is not an easy process to obtain public records from a governmental agency.  It often requires people to travel to the recorder’s office, lose time from work and pay, locate the proper office, deal with the people at the office, and locate their document and wait for the document to be produced.  Sometimes, the process will take two trips, and in some cities the cost of parking alone could be $20 plus each day.  This is not an easy process.  When considering all of the above, the service provided by New York Record Retrieval, Inc. is a cost and time effective service.


"Certified copies of property deeds are available at the county clerk's office.  The county clerk's office may charge a small fee for certified copies of such deeds, usually between two and four dollars a page.  Since most property deeds are between two and five pages in length, a certified copy can usually be obtained for between four and twenty dollars."